An MP has appealed to football chiefs to delay kicking troubled Bury FC out of the Football League and save the club from “extinction”.

James Frith has pleaded for more time for a buyer to be found as Friday’s deadline for expulsion from the league approaches.

Five of Bury’s fixtures have been cancelled amid financial turmoil.

The league has said the club must to prove it can pay off creditors and show adequate operational funding by Friday.

Bury North MP Mr Frith called for the Debbie Jevans, executive chairman of the (EFL), to consider extending the expulsion deadline.

He said it would buy time for a buyer to come forward and that he believes the 134-year-old club’s recent ownership history “warrants an exception”.

The MP said the club was part of the town’s “cultural capital and history”, adding: “Football is never just about the kick off or full time whistle.

“It enriches life and living in Bury. All this is set to be destroyed but we can and must resist.”

Mr Frith accused Bury owner Steve Dale of “exploiting the situation” by promising but failing to sell the club, and said he had kept potential buyers waiting for information.

Financial dealings at the club require further investigation, said Mr Frith, who promised to reveal more to the public by using parliamentary privilege, which allows MPs free speech in the House of Commons without fear of legal action.

A spokesman for the EFL said: “The deadline for Bury to provide us with information is Friday. Without that, withdrawal from the league will take effect.”

The BBC has approached Mr Dale for comment.


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