If you really want to know what is passion for , you could see in the last two weeks in two Skopje’s hall “Jane Sandanski” and “Boris Trajkovski” on the example of Spanish national team coach Jordi Ribera. Experienced coach, who made a lot of ian in the past, but also won an gold with Spain at Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia, has followed every second of the matches of U19 Spanish team, but also other teams in generation 2000.

Almost empty halls where perfect working conditions for the Spanish coach who gave an interview for Balkan-.com:

  • We are giving a lot of attention on our young players and coaches in Spain. The most important thing is that our young national teams playing in the model of senior team. I think on all the aspects of the game, attack, defense, counter-attack, goalkeepers. Only with that kind of work, we can prepare young players for the senior team. We all have to be focused on our goals in order to give maximum when that is necessary – said Jordi Ribera for Balkan-.com. 

Žordi Ribera za Balkan-Handball.com: Ključno je biti pravi u odlučujućem trenutku

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