England bowler Jofra Archer is, rightfully, er of the moment.

He’s the man who bowled England to win the World Cup in the breathtaking Super Over, who is revitalising fast bowling and who may well have the fate of the Ashes in his hands.

So it’s no surprise that when he called for help, fans countrywide rallied round.

The problem? A hotel TV without an HDMI port – how was the England superstar to enjoy an evening of Fortnite before the third Ashes Test?

The 24-year-old has made known his love of the video game, regularly tweeting about his standings and asking his “fn squad” to play with him.

He took to Twitter to ask for help, reaching out to DoubleTree by Hilton to help solve the issue.

Thousands of fans flocked to support the England fast bowler, themselves tweeting DoubleTree to get the issue resolved. With the Ashes outcome hanging in the balance, an upset Jofra Archer is a cause for national concern!

Thankfully, after watching the chaos unfold, DoubleTree got on the case and asked Archer to send over his full name and details. Guess they’ve missed the headlines this summer…

Sure enough, the duty manager arrived at Archer’s room, new TV in hand.

Not only was he now able to play Fortnite – he was able to do so on the biggest television he’d ever played on!

We can only hope Archer’s good fortune continues on Thursday when England take on at Headingley.


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