2019 bargeboard regulation

2019 bargeboard regulation


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

The height at which the bargeboards could extend upward was reduced by 150mm, but they can now sit 100mm further forward.

AMG F1 W10 bargeboard

Mercedes AMG F1 W10 bargeboard


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

’ bargeboards and surrounding aerodynamic paraphernalia were given an extensive overhaul in the ‘B’-spec package that arrived at the second pre-season test.

RB15 bargeboards

Red Bull RB15 bargeboards


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

made changes to its bargeboard and deflector setup early on (red arrows), using a low-slotted element on the leading corner of the floor to bridge the gap and guide the airflow in that region.

SF90, bargeboard

Ferrari SF90, bargeboard


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

made changes to its bargeboard setup just ahead of the summer break, as it doubled up on the boomerang arrangement, much like had with its ‘B’-spec update back at the second pre-season test.

MCL34 bargeboard

McLaren MCL34 bargeboard


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

’s initial bargeboard arrangement featured a large wedge-shaped boomerang on the upper boundary of that new lower allowance, and featured numerous slots in order it matched those in the surfaces.

F1 Team R.S.19 bargeboard

Renault F1 Team R.S.19 bargeboard


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

made a collection of changes to its bargeboards, deflectors and open-face mirrors as part of a larger update package the team introduced at its home race in France.

FW42, bargeboard

Williams FW42, bargeboard


Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Keen to unlock the potential of the recalcitrant FW42, made big changes to its bargeboards and sidepod deflectors at the British GP.


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