By Charles Brun: Andy Ruiz Jr. and his management reps have signed the paperwork to finalize his rematch with for December 7, according to . The rematch will be taking place at an outdoor stadium on the 7th of December in Riyadh, S Arabia. This is the rematch that Joshua and his promoter wanted.

If it doesn’t work out well for them in the end, they may end up regretting that the chose to force rematch with Ruiz. As saying goes, ‘be careful for what you h for.’ Ruiz Jr. is like a big shark, and he’s going to be ready to looking to stop Joshua a second time in the rematch.

Matchroom filed a lawsuit against Ruiz over the rematch on Thursday. However, following an agreement by Ruiz, the lawsuit was canceled on Friday, according to Mike Coppinger.

Ruiz getting his deal sweetened for Joshua rematch

//WBO heavyweight champion Ruiz Jr. (33-1, 22 KOs) was looking to get a better financial package for the rematch after Joshua’s promoter selected S Arabia as the country for the fight to be staged. Hearn got a good deal in taking the rematch to Riyadh, S Arabia, and Ruiz not surprisingly wanted to have his purse bumped up a little.

Ruiz, 29, had dragged his feet recently in agreeing to fight Joshua (22-1, 21 KOs) in S Arabia. Months ago, Joshua exercised his rematch clause with Ruiz after losing by a seventh round knockout on June 1 at in .

Although rematch clause is said to have the particulars about Ruiz’s purse written in for the second fight, he still pushed to have his deal improved for the second fight. Further, Ruiz also wanted the “rematch guaranteed in writing,” according to Dan Rafael of . Ruiz getting more money is clearly wanted he wanted, and he’s gotten his h. The fight can now take place on December 7 in S Arabia.

Will Ruiz Jr. suffer an injury before December 7?

Hearn arguably got his way in getting Ruiz to agree to fight Joshua on December 7th, but that doesn’t mean the fight will be taking place on that date. If Ruiz suffers an injury during training camp, it could wipe out that date. Hopefully, Ruiz is happy with the deal that he got. If he’s not then it’s hard to know how he’ll act, and it could be fun and games.

Some people are passive aggressive when they don’t get their way. You’ll see them showing aggression in an indirect manner. Ruiz doesn’t look like he’d the type that act out in that manner, but who knows? As long as Ruiz got the deal he wanted, he should be fine. Hearn and Joshua don’t need a disgruntled Ruiz, who could then show little enthusiasm during the news conferences. Ruiz has to make it through training camp without getting injured. An injury would force a postponement, and likely cost Hearn a lot of money.

Ruiz wanted the rematch in or Mexico. He felt that as the champion, he should be able to pick the location. Matchroom was smart to get control of the location with the rematch clause that Ruiz had signed for the first fight. If not for that, he could have pushed hard to have the fight take place or Mexico.

Joshua has to figure out how to beat Ruiz, because he was dominated by him last June.


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