Landon Quinones put on an impressive performance at 56 on Friday.

Unfortunately, that performance may be overshadowed by some bizarre officiating.

On his way to a first-round finish, Quinones found himself on top of opponent Calvin Glover in great position to score with ground-and-pound and end the fight. It didn’t take long before Glover was tapping out to the torrent of punches; however, it took considerably longer for referee Jorge Alonso to step in for the save.

Glover can be seen tapping to the strikes on at least three separate occasions and at some point Alonso either made the call to stop the fight or Quinones just ceased his attack of his own volition. Commentators Jimmy Smith and Kamaru Usman can be heard on the call criticizing Alonso’s gaffe.

On the Fight Pass broadcast, COO can also be heard at cageside arguing with Alonso about the late stoppage after the fight’s conclusion.

Watch the footage above and judge for yourself what the referee might have been thinking.


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