Quartararo had a highside at Copse right after the start, and his Yamaha was then hit by Andrea Dovizioso, who had temporary memory loss after his massive fall afterwards and needed to be hospitalised.

The Frenchman explained that his crash occurred because Rins, having passed him, had nearly lost his bike going through the corner right ahead of Quartararo.

In order not to hit Rins, Quartararo “shut the throttle a bit too aggressive”, and the Frenchman claimed that without Rins’ mistake he wouldn’t have crashed.

“We did a good start, unfortunately on the first corner, Rins overtook me,” said Quartararo.

“He lose quite a lot the rear and I shut the throttle a bit too aggressive to not really go into him and I just make a big slide also. Unfortunately I had a highside.

“I am okay, quite lucky that I don’t have something broken, that is positive. I think Dovi is quite unwell because he had a big crash.

“I didn’t even see that he touch the bike, he go over the bike, just after when I get up I see he crashed also.

“If Rins didn’t make a mistake, for sure we keep sliding and just at this moment I was starting to pick up the bike. For me was just a matter of luck that we did not have.”

British GP winner Rins said that his first-corner moment nearly ended with a crash of his own, saying: “First corner I was so close to crash, I don’t know if it was for the cold tyre or what – but anyway I was able to recover.

The British GP was eventually decided between Rins and Marquez and Quartararo reckoned that his own pace from the weekend was “really good to fight with them”.

“During the morning with 16 laps on the tyre we make [1m]59.6s, that is something that was really good for us. The pace was really good but during the race is difficult to know if we had an opportunity to win.

“If we check on papers, the pace was really good for fight with them [Marc and Rins].”

Ducati team manager Tardozzi, whose rider Dovizioso was the other victim of the start crash, further elaborated on the condition of the rider, who suffered from temporary memory loss after the crash.

“Andrea now is going with helicopter to Coventry because they would like to make scan. For a couple of minutes, 15-20 minutes, he lost the memory.

“Finally he remembered everything – in the beginning he said he made a big fault, then he said no, he started to think and he says ‘oh, was not my fault’.

“We start to joke a bit but anyway the medicians [doctors] would like to make these scans to be sure. He has pain on the right side of the hip but finally is nothing broken.

“We’ll what the scan say tonight and I hope that he will be in Misano for the test.”

The Misano test will begin in four days’ time, on 29th and 30th August.


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