JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jaguars long-snapper Matt Overton has an idea to solve the problem of disgruntled Indianapolis Colts fans wanting refunds on their season tickets. Message him. He’ll buy them.

Overton — who played five seasons with the Colts (2012-16) — made that offer on Twitter on Monday morning after seeing reports on social media that Colts season ticket holders, upset over the abrupt retirement of quarterback , wanted their money back. He plans to donate the tickets to Riley Hospital for Children in downtown s.

“Riley Hospital is near and dear to me,” Overton said. “It’s near and dear to the entire community of s and if we can help these kids and families go to a game and cheer on their favorite team, the Colts, let’s make it happen.”

Overton hadn’t gotten any takers on his offer by mid-afternoon, but he did get a lot of positive feedback and support of his tweet.

Overton still lives in s in the offseason and said his ncée is from the city, too, and that he “loves calling Indy home.” He knows how devastated the Colts fan base was when ’s Adam Schefter broke the news of Luck’s decision to retire on Saturday night, but he was upset with the harsh words and criticism Luck got on social media.

“You can obviously tell he’s going through a real big struggle and has been for quite some time now,” Overton said. “Being former teammates with him and playing alongside him for five years I know the man he is, the competitor he is, the teammate he is and people are questioning his character and his toughness and all that kind of stuff, and I just think it’s B.S. The dude is incredibly strong. He’s obviously going through some very difficult decisions right now and made a very difficult decision to retire.

“It’s hard on the fan base. It’s hard on the team. It’s hard on the organization. And it’s hard for guys like me who played with him and friends to see him going through that. Just hopeful that he finds that peace and joy and his health going forward.”


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