spent part of Episode 4 of “Hard Knocks” trying on or discussing helmets as he tries to find a newer model. 

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown has yet to publically go into specifics on his two helmet grievances, both of which were denied, but the “Hard Knocks” cameras and mics caught him talking about the situation in this week’s episode.

He was taking during a Concord () De La Salle high school football game and was asked specifically what the deal was with his helmet while standing on the sidelines.

“First, they said they tested it, but it wasn’t on the [approved] list,” Brown said of the . “It’s just, I only get one head and one neck so I gotta make sure when guys [are] trying to take my head off, I got the right damn lid to protect [me].”

Earlier in the show, Brown wore a newer helmet while catching balls from a Jugs machine and complained about the fit.

“This helmet hurt my head right here, look,” he said, pointing to a spot behind his left ear. “Nah, this just some play-play, it hurts my head, right there. Headache right there.

“Bro, feel right here, I got like a hickey right here, look … I need a special pad for that. That’s just killing my head.”

For what it’s worth, the helmet he wore at practice Tuesday was different from the one he wore Sunday and Monday.

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