While Formula 1 is in summer-shutdown mode and most of his rivals are at the beach, Daniel swaps his fireproof overalls for a tailored suit in a new video by the F1 Team’s technical partner. But the master of the ‘shoey’ is by no means a shoo-in as he hits the showroom floor.

Last time Daniel shot for Employee of the Month status, back in 2015, he found changing lightbulbs and making coffee in a Montreal INFINITI dealership tougher than going wheel to wheel with .

This time around he’s determined to take a step up. No more cleaning floors and juggling refreshments: this time he plans to ace the sales targets and bring F1 pitstop methodology to the service bays.

This being Daniel, he comes armed with a dazzling grin, cheeky charm and total confidence – with a side order of competitive intensity. The question is: do the staff of the dealership know what they’ve let themselves in for?

Strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride as Daniel brings his own inimitable style to the worlds of service, marketing and people management. This might just change the car industry as we know it…

Can Daniel prove himself to be the ultimate team player? Can the service department compete with F1 mechanics? And what will the customers make of free donuts with every test drive? Find out now…


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