By Doug Berman: David Haye says WBC heavyweight champion definitely “underestimated” last December in their fight in December. The fight was scored a controversial 12 round draw in Los Angeles, . Both guys believe they were robbed by the officiating.

Fury thinks he was a raw deal by the judges due to them not seeing it as a one-sided win for him. Wilder saw it as a situation where Fury was knocked out in the 12th, and the referee gave a long count. A lot of fans wonder why the referee didn’t halt the fight on the spot after the knockdown. The fight could have been stopped on the spot even without a count.

Haye believes that both heavyweights will come into their rematch better prepared than the first time out. Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) will have had two fights under his belt against Otto Wallin and Tom Schwarz, whereas Wilder will also have two fights against and Dominic Breazeale.

A significant part of the public believe that Fury, 31, will beat Wilder next time around. Their rationale for thinking this is that Fury will be better shape for the rematch, and he’ll have had two additional fights.

“It can go one of two ways. Fury could fine tune his skills, because he’d been out of the game for so long after the Klitschko fight,” said David Haye to BT Sport about Fury’s rematch with Wilder. “A lot of people are saying he’s going to be a lot better now than he was for that fight. The same thing can be said for . He’s had a couple of fights.

His [Wilder] fight against Dominic Breazeale was an absolute cracker of a right hand. I’ve never seen a heavyweight just walk across the ring, and put someone’s lights out that quick, and that furiously. He has a rematch with [Luis] Ortiz, which is an interesting fight. So I think both fighters [Wilder and Fury] are going to be way better for their rematch. Both of them are going to be on form,” said Haye.

Both fighters will be better prepared for the rematch if it happens. Wilder and Fury still must win their next interim fights before the two of them can meet up in February of 2020, and there’s chance one or both can lose. Fury is in a better situation in his next fight against Wallin (20-0, 13 KOs, because he’s facing a guy with limited talent and experience.

Wilder didn’t rate Fury before first fight says Haye

“I don’t think Wilder rated Fury that much. I don’t think. And I think he underestimated him,” said Haye. “I know Fury didn’t underestimate Wilder, but there’s arguments why both fighters can win the rematch. I’m really excited. I don’t think there’s that many heavyweights that are unbeaten at the moment. I think it’s a pure coincidence,” said Haye in explaining why Wilder is facing Ortiz in a rematch and Fury fighting unknown Otto Wallin next.

Wilder rated Fury, but he wasn’t ready for all the movement that he was going to show him. He thought Fury was going to stand and exchange more, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Fury slapped, and moved all night long until the 9th. That’s when Fury gassed out, and started getting nailed with shots.


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