Alpla Hard are the Austrian Super Cup 2019 winners. They beat Erber UHK Krems 22:17 (14:8) to ensure that trophy will stay”at home” as this is the third year in a row for Alpla Hard to win it.

Erber UHK Krems: Jakob Jochmann (4), Lucijan Fizuleto (3), Leonard Schafler (2), Kenan Hasecic (2), Kevin Wieninger (2), Tobias Auß (1), Fabian Posch (1), Gunnar Prokop (1), Oliver Nikic (1) 

Alpla HC Hard: Dominik Schmid (6), Luca Raschle (4), Boris Zivkovic (3), Manuel Schmid (2), Tine Poklar (2), Lukas Schweighofer (2), Paul Schwärzler (1), Michael Knauth (1), Thomas Weber (1) 

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