More fans are choosing to watch MotoGP on-the-go and on multiple screens and this new video explains how Dorna’s connectivity supplier Tata Communications, is developing the Spanish company enhance its over-the-top (OTT) streaming services with broadcast partners like .

This content reaches viewers, using ultra-low latency feeds on digital platforms like  thus bypass traditional telecommunications and broadcast television platforms. This enhances viewing for fans by offering more in-depth content on their devices; when they want it and where they want it. They can also offer new services and create a more engaging experience for fans, with the increased number of streams made possible by streaming over fibre. 

“Forward-thinking sports like MotoGP are leading the way on enhancing the service for MotoGP fans who can now watch races live from wherever they are on any connected device.” said Mehul Kapadia, Global Head of Marketing, Tata Communications. “This is a world where the old barriers of networks and borders simply no longer apply. Borderless growth with be driven by global mobility and the internet of things.”

Tata Communications is also helping Dorna on the operational side with a new mobility solution called MOVE SIM Connect™. Imagine you are the Dorna team moving around the various World Championship venues. Getting connected as soon as you land, having secure connectivity, strong signals at realistic tariffs is not as easy today for the modern business traveller as you might think. 

Dorna found productivity was impacted as connectivity was compromised by complex tariffs, poor data or network performance and weak security. Thanks to MOVE SIM Connect™ from Tata Communications, Dorna staff are now able to connect to the internet as soon as they land in any country.

Tata Communication’s partnership with over 600 service providers in over 200 countries means anyone with the MOVE SIM can instantly get a safe, secure connection to a global mobile network. 

To know more about Tata Communications partnership with MotoGP, please click here.


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