Looking back over his unanimous decision victory against Fernando Padilla at CXF 17 in March, lightweight Spike Carlyle feels he had a solid performance, but not quite the one he could have had.

According to Carlyle, he wasn’t able to showcase the full range of his skills, but is nonetheless pleased to have picked up a win.

“My last fight against Fernando was definitely a big win,” Carlyle told MMAWeekly.com. “I had some complications going into that fight and wasn’t able to fight to my potential, but I was still able to have a dominant performance.

“It worked out well, but I think I only fought to about 50-percent of my potential that night. It was a great victory and great learning experience. I was happy to start my year off that way.”

Since picking up the victory of Padilla, Carlyle has changed teams and feels like he’ll be able to better unlock his full potential in future fights because of it.

“I moved up to the Training Lab in Orange County with head coach Mark Munoz,” said Carlyle. “I’ve always had a well-rounded skillset, but he’s helped smooth out my game.

“He’s been able to combine my strikes, my takedowns, my Jiu-Jitsu and my ground-and-pound. I feel like I’ve picked up new techniques and stuff, but I’ve become more able to flow through the art more precisely.”

This Friday in Riverside, Calif., Carlyle (6-1) will look to pick up his third win in a row when he faces Matthew Colquhoun (6-3) in a main card lightweight bout at LFA 74.

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“I feel like not many people know my whole skillset, so I’m looking forward to showing that,” Carlyle said. “I’m able to transition from striking to takedowns to Jiu-Jitsu to ground-and-pound and all of that stuff, so I think this is a showcase fight and I’ll be able to take it no matter where the fight takes place.

“(Colquhoun) has the reach advantage, the length, so I don’t want to spend too much time at his range. I’ll either be out of his range or in my range, so I’m not going to be in his range and give him an advantage in that aspect.”

Should Carlyle come out of his bout with Colquhoun healthy, he’s more than ready to close out the year with at least one more fight.

“I pray this fight goes well and that I have a dominant performance and have no injuries for myself or Matthew, no major damage, and then I’d like to stay active,” said Carlyle. “I’m in the prime of my career, prime of my life, and I’m ready to rock and roll.”


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