Coming into 2019, bantamweight Vince Cachero was riding high. Riding a six-fight winning streak, with three of those victories coming in 2018, Cachero was looking to keep his momentum going in a title shot at LFA 62 in March.

Unfortunately for Cachero, his March bout with Casey Kenney did not go his way, as he suffered a first round TKO loss, the first defeat of his career.

“Earlier this year I had that title shot with the LFA, and had a last minute replacement and unfortunately I lost to him,” Cachero told “Honestly I just got caught. That’s all it really was. I didn’t really get a chance to settle down. The beauty of MMA is you can get caught at any moment.

“I’m not taking anything away from someone like Casey Kenney; he hit me with the right shot at the right moment at the right time and it put me out; but I think I take that shot nine times out of 10 and nothing happens.”

Having suffered his first defeat, Cachero went back to the drawing board and made some tweaks to his game, especially in how to avoid such a loss in the future.

“Obviously there is always going to be things needing changing,” said Cachero. “When you’re winning you’re always in the mindset of ‘we’re doing the right thing’, so it gave me that good reset button to look at all the smaller parts of my game and see where the holes are.

“That shot he landed on me, I was just exiting the clinch wrong, so we drilled that a lot, drilled a lot of clinch work, but other than that I just made some changes in camp to make sure I’m ready for the next test.”

Cachero (6-1) will look to rebound this Friday in Riverside, , when he takes on Liudvik Sholinian (5-1-1) in a main card 135-pound bout at LFA 74.

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“I think he’s going to come in here, strike a little bit, and try to get me down,” Cachero said of Sholinian. “Most of the opponents I’m fighting are doing the same thing. Nothing really changes in my game plan.

“I’m really just need to get in there and fight. The last one barely got started before it was over, so I’m excited to just go in there and let my skills show.”

Feeling he was on the verge of stepping up to the next level prior to his loss to Kenney, Cachero is looking to once again get himself to where he can make that move, and is willing to do whatever it takes to have that come to fruition in the coming year.

“Whatever the next step is, whenever the next big fight for me, whatever it is to show them that I belong in there,” said Cachero.

“Whatever they need to see from me, I’m showing. I think I’m ready. I lost to one of the top guys in the division in the right now. Honestly it’s no big thing for me, and I feel I belong right there with him.”


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