Nora Mork is the topic No.1 in Norwegian media. One of the best lefthanders in the world of women’s handball, has suffered another knee injury which will forced her to go to her ninth surgery! There are voices in that world-class right back has to stop career in order to save her body and health for the life after a .

– Should it really be that the best will be left behind after a ended sports career and be disabled in sports? Yes, now I put it to the forefront. Because I know what happens if you go too far. I know what it’s like to live with pain 24/7. I know what it’s like to not have an active life that I’ve always had. I know how black it can be when the light goes out. I know what it’s like to be left alone. I know what it’s like to be mentally down. I know because I know it on my body everyday. She should really give up now, if she wants a painless life after her career, said former Norwegian NT player Hanne Halen for

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