Rosberg labelled Verstappen “the best driver out there” last month – but caused a stir after the when he suggested on his YouTube channel that Verstappen had been too aggressive on the opening lap and back to his “old self”.

Those comments have not gone down well with Verstappen though, and the driver said said that Rosberg appeared to have adopted the tactic of often going for the “contrary opinion” in a bid to generate views.

Speaking to Dutch media about Rosberg’s remarks, Verstappen said: “I think he is the new Jacques Villeneuve. Villeneuve has changed quite a bit, but it seems that Rosberg now and again wants to give a contrary opinion.

“But I really don’t care what he says on his channels anyway. He does it very often. At the beginning of this year he even called me a narcissist. That is very extreme.”

Verstappen reckoned Rosberg was speaking out so much only because he was trying to boost the viewcount of his YouTube channel – and reckons the German should have stayed a racing driver if he had wanted to earn more money.

“He has got no charisma and he doesn’t get to work anywhere,” added Verstappen. “But hey, that’s also his problem.

“Maybe he also wants to make money with his YouTube channel. But then he could have been better off driving, because then he could have earned much more money.”

Rosberg has returned to the paddock at selected races this year as an expert pundit for Sky.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB12, battles with Nico Rosberg, Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid

, Racing RB12, battles with , F1 W07 Hybrid

Photo by: Andrew Hone / LAT Images


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