Final practice at the was delayed by 10 minutes after a huge accident in the Formula 3 race.

n Alex Peroni was launched into the air by a kerb at the fast Parabolica corner and landed upside down on the barrier. He was unhurt.

The delay was caused by race officials removing the kerb, which was placed in the run-off area to prevent drivers running wide and improving their time.

Drivers will now have two lap times deleted if they run wide at Parabolica.

Peroni’s car was launched when he ran wide and clipped the leading edge of the kerb the had been placed there to discourage drivers from running wide as they exit the corner.

The car was immediately lifted into the air and it somersaulted and tted a number of times before landing upside down on the tyre barrier and concrete wall behind it.

Peroni was seen walking alongside the track and was taken to the medical centre as a precaution.

The incident will be analysed by officials, as a spotlight falls on whether so-called ‘sausage kerbs’ – similar to a narrow sleeping policeman – are appropriate ways of enforcing track limits at such fast corners.


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