ALAMEDA, Calif. — Yes, and Derek Carr, Tyrell Williams was ready for his close up.

Because as wild and wooly as last week was for the Oakland Raiders with Antonio Brown‘s histrionics, the spotlight had to find someone lined up wide. And there was , who was relatively new to the WR1 role but played the part to the hilt.

“It’s big,” said after torching the Denver Broncos for 105 receiving yards and a touchdown in the Raiders’ 24-16 victory on Monday.

“Obviously, [Brown] is a big distraction. Took a lot of people’s minds and stuff going into this week. But, you know, I think we did a great job of just letting that [only] be a distraction, let it be what it was and just keep working. We knew we were going to play, regardless, so just let it be what it was and do what we want to do.”

pretty much did whatever he wanted as Carr’s primary deep threat, averaging 17.5 yards per catch, and ’s passing offense was on point sans Brown.

Four plays, all on third downs, summed up ’ night. …

“We were aware of Tyrell ,” lamented Broncos edge rusher Von Miller on Monday. “He played with the Chargers and did a lot of great things with them, so we were aware of those guys. We just got outplayed today.”

With the Chargers, was Robin to Keenan Allen‘s Batman. He was supposed to take on a similar role with Brown in .

Alas …

“I’m really happy for Tyrell ,” Gruden said. “Our receiving corps took a hit, obviously. Tyrell is capable of being a No. 1, frontline guy for us.”

Carr agreed.

“Every ball thrown [to] him is into a tight window,” Carr said. “He did this against really good competition, you know? I told you guys from Day 1, you’ve got Trent Brown, that was Christmas. And we’ve got Tyrell , and I don’t even know what’s better than Christmas, but this kid’s pretty good, you know what I mean? We got some big gifts this year, and that guy proved today that he can do that at a high level.

“And the best part about it is that he’s a great guy. Great guy, fun to work with, he even came out to Bakersfield. That’s just the type of guy he is. He went down to Bakersfield and worked with me, and I appreciate it and it’s paying off.”

The Raiders need those dividends to keep coming in, especially with the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs rolling into town on Sunday.


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