By Charles Brun: ’s poor performance against Otto Wallin has his dad John Fury saying that he would change out his training team if he were him. Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs), who calls himself the ‘lineal heavyweight champion,’ beat tune-up opponent Wallin (20-1, 13 KOs) by a 12 round unanimous decision last Saturday night at the in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fury took a lot of punishment against a guy he was supposed to easily beat.

John Fury is concerned with the drop off in Tyson’s performance against Wallin, and he thinks it’s time to change his trainer Davison.  It’s understandable why John would be worried. Fury looked horrendous against Wallin. If that had been a better fighter, Fury would have lost.

“John is Tyson’s dad so of course you have to respect him but Tyson was fully prepared and you can’t do anything about sustaining a bad cut,” said Davison to the “Just because he’s gone 12 rounds it doesn’t mean he’s weak. If he was weak he wouldn’t have been able to do 12 rounds there.”

Davison says Fury was the “clear winner against Wallin,” but fans disagree. They think the fight should have been scored a draw, and many of them think Wallin was robbed due to the fight not being stopped due to the cut. Fury suffered a cut that as bad as the one that suffered in his fight against Lennox Le in June 2003. That match was halted after six rounds due to Vitali’s cut. But in Fury’s case, he went the entire fight without the referee or ringside doctor stopping it.

Fury looked weak and overtrained

John believes that Fury’s head trainer Ben Davison isn’t doing the job, and that he would have lost if he’s fought , Andy Ruiz Jr. or Alexander Povetkin last Saturday night. It’s hard to argue against John. Fury looked awful against Wallin, and you have to wonder what Davison was doing during training camp.

There were zero improvements in Fury’s game. Indeed, he put in the worst performance of his career. Fury appeared to have no power, and didn’t have the normal spring in his step that we normally see from him. He weighed in at 254 pounds, but he wasn’t as strong as he’d been in his previous two fights against Tom Schwarz and .

Fury will likely stick it out with Davison rather than switching him out. He might end up sorry if he gets knocked out by Wilder in their rematch.


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