For light-flyweight Alexis Asher, her road through combat sports has been one of the more interesting ones anyone could have experienced.

Originally having gotten into Muay Thai a few years ago, an injury left Asher unable to walk, let alone fight, forcing her to abandon her combat sports career, but after taking up aerialist training and strengthening her body, Asher has come back to the sport and feels better than ever.

“I got into Muay Thai shortly before getting injured,” Asher told “I’ve only recently come back to fighting. Muay Thai is a newer discipline for me, but I really enjoy it. I love the addition of kicks and elbows.

“I actually couldn’t walk for two years, and it took me a while to being active, and then I started aerialist training. I was training to originally be an aerialist. I do circus competitions. I kind of decided I want to come back to Muay Thai, so I went out to (Thailand) to train with my old coach (this past year).”

Since coming back to combat sports, Asher feels like the skills she picked up from the performing arts have paid off and made her a better fighter this time around.

“With the circus training I feel like I’m a stronger athlete,” said Asher. “I’m way more flexible. I’ve learned different (ways of moving).

“Now coming back to Muay Thai I feel like I have a better appreciation (of it) and my capacity to understand is better. I feel like my kicks are better, my clinch is better, coming back I’m a better athlete.”

This Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Asher (3-2) will look to showcase her skills on the national stage when she takes on Regan Gowing (4-1) in a main card 107-pound bout at Lion Fight 60.

“I have a lot of respect for her,” Asher said of Gowing. “She’s a great fighter. She’s very fast and very busy.

“I guess preparing for this fight I’m sharpening up my techniques and increasing my power so my strikes matter and aren’t just for show. She throws a lot of kicks, so I think it will be that classic kicker versus puncher kind of fight. I think we’re going to be an exciting fight.”

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With her life outside the ring taking precedence in the coming months, Asher is looking to take her fight career one step at a time, but she is very much interested in continuing the path she has started to forge with combat sports this year.

“I actually have a circus gig in November and December that I’ll be focusing on, but as far as fighting I’m going to take it one fight at a time,” said Asher. “I want to do my best this fight and then go back to the drawing board and see what makes sense.

“I always wanted to fight for Lion when I was an amateur. I kind of had a random pro debut before I retired, so I never thought I would be fighting for Lion as a pro, so this is a dream come true.”