GROUP C REVIEW: Sporting CP made Group C break into two halves through their clear home win against TATRAN Presov Saturday night.

Sporting CP turned the top duo in the group into a trio, as they became the third team on maximum points after two matches through their 32:24 win at home against Presov.

The visitors were only able to follow Sporting for the first 25 minutes, and in the second half, the home team soon established a deciding eight-goal lead.

  • Sporting join IK Sävehof and Bidasoa Irun at the top of the group with four points

  • TATRAN Presov still remain on zero points

  • Frankis Marzo scored five goals for Sporting, the same as Javier Munoz and Lukas Urban scored for Presov


Sporting CP (POR) vs TATRAN Presov (SVK) 32:24 (17:14)

Group C is about to break into two halves, currently with three teams on four points and three on zero.

Saturday night, Sporting turned the top duo into a trio, as they joined IK Sävehof and Bidasao Irun on maximum points.

After the crowd in the Pavilhao Joao Rocha in Lisbon opened the match by singing “My Way”, the home team soon found their way to a clear win.

Through patient attacking play, Presov managed to take the pace out of the match at the start, which gave them a few two-goal leads.

However, when Sporting turned a 6:4 deficit into a 7:6 lead, it was their game.

The visitors managed to follow them to 13:13, but already before the halftime buzzer, the hosts were three goals up, and as they went from 18:15 to 22:15 and 24:16 early in the second half, the match was decided.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / JS


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