SEATTLE — Cameron Jordan was robbed of a touchdown last Sunday, thanks to an error by the officials. But the New Orleans Saints defensive end didn’t come away completely empty-handed.

Jordan, who dropped a “Foot Locker” reference while criticizing the officiating crew after the game, revealed on Twitter that the sportswear company sent him a gift box with new shoes and a note that read: “Cam, we’ve got your back … and your feet. — Your friends at Foot Locker.”

The officiating error occurred when Jordan appeared to return a fumble 87 yards for a touchdown late in the second quarter of New Orleans’ 27-9 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. However, officials initially ruled the play an incomplete pass.

The Saints challenged the call, and it was reversed to a fumble — but the ball could not be advanced since it had been whistled dead.

“Normally you let the play happen,” Jordan said after the game. “Any Foot Locker — I mean referee — tells you that you let the play happen and then you go back and review the play. That’s a 10-point swing right there. … Seems like it’s affect the game, right?”

Foot Locker employees wear referee uniforms.

Jordan added that he was “absolutely positive” that it was a fumble and not an incomplete pass.

“Hence, why there was no slowdown by anybody. Everybody was full go. Everybody understood what happened,” said Jordan, who then quickly added, “I shouldn’t say everybody.

“People are in their prime when they’re in their prime. And sometimes they’re not in their prime, but they were in their prime maybe a decade ago.”

The NFL’s senior vice president of officiating, Al Riveron, told a pool reporter after the game that officials are indeed instructed that “when in doubt, to let it play out.” Jordan was warned for his comments, but not fined, according to a source.