RK Vardar beat Porto Sofarma 32:27 (14:16) at the Round 2 of the VELUX EHF Champions League. The Portuguese champions made a difficult job in the first half, but the reigning EHF CL winners prevailed in the second half in front of 4.800 home fans at Jane Sandanski hall.

Dainis Kristopans and Ivan Cupic have been TOP scorers in the winning squad with seven goals each.

Vardar-Porto 32-27 (14-16)

Vardar: Dainis Kristopans 7, Ivan Cupic 7, Daniil Shishkarev 5, Timur Dibirov 5, Stas Skube 3, Pavel Atman 3, Gleb Kalarash 1, Sergey Gorpishin 1.

Porto: Diogo Branquinho 6, Miguel Martins 4, Daymaro Salina 3, Andre Gomes 3, Fabio Magalhães 3, Alexis Borges 3, Antonio Areia 3, Djibril Mbengue 1, Victor Iturriza 1.