Dancing, Karabatic’s popcorn and crazy challenges

The VELUX EHF Champions League is now in full swing, with its second round completed, and there was plenty of entertainment coming from the teams’ social media accounts, regardless of their results this week.

We have fans and players dancing, Nikola Karabatic enjoying some popcorn, crazy challenges and victory celebrations. Gifs incoming from PSG Paris Saint-Germain won their second game of the season in Europe’s top flight, 30:25, against MOL-Pick Szeged which meant there were more funny gifs on the menu. This time, we see Nikola Karabatic eat some popcorn and Nedim Remili dancing.

High spirits lead to great wins 

Despite losing in the first round against MOL-Pick Szeged, spirits were high in Barça’s camp before the game against Celje. One loss does not mean everything must turn sour and the Spanish powerhouse overcame that defeat, taking a commanding 45:21 win against Celje last weekend. Maybe this short training clip explains why Barça’s players clicked the way they did on Saturday.

A shot from downtown 

Once in a while, training sessions need some spicing up in order not to become too repetitive. It also happened in one of Barça’s sessions, when players tried to score a basket from downtown with a handball. Ludovic Fabregas, the French line player who is in superb form this season, scoring 13 goals in the first two games, completed the challenge with ease.

Challenge completed by Celje 

Players are always up to the challenge for something new and this also happened in Celje’s locker room before a training session. Look at how easy the players control the ball and how happy they are when the passing game is completed.

Small things fill big hearts 

There is nothing that could make a kid happier than meeting their idols and having the chance to take a quick photo and chat with them. Vardar’s players duly obliged before the first game in Skopje after winning the title last season, also signing autographs for their young fans. The title holders won their game against Porto this weekend, 32:27, to earn their second victory in a row.

How a photoshoot unfolds behind the scenes 

Bringing players outside the court and putting them outside their comfort zone is always funny and Kielce, a team with a great start this season – undefeated after two rounds, proved it once again. Take a sneak peek behind this year’s photoshoot for the Polish side. Warning: you will definitely laugh after seeing players in these situations.

The ballet-goalkeeper 

Ever mentioned ballet and handball in the same sentence? Probably not. And that is why this photo is so surprising and nearly topped 6,000 likes. Kiel’s goalkeeper, Dario Quenstedt, accepted the challenge and tried to be as flexible as possible between the goalposts, alongside two ballet dancers from the Kiel Theatre. He prevented his “opponents” from scoring in a bid to promote both the handball team and the local theatre.

Dance your way to the arena 

American fans in baseball or football always come and celebrate in the weirdest ways when their favourite teams are playing and it seems the trend has rubbed off on handball. Brest may have lost against Montpellier this week, but they surely made this fan’s dancing abilities known.

Celebrate the Danish way

Back in the top flight after 11 years away, GOG are an offensive juggernaut that put 71 goals past their opponents in the first two games. Teamwork and a strong Scandinavian core are the main ingredients for their run and their way of celebrating a win is quite special.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu / cor