By Allan Fox: Former two division world champion Jessie Vargas is picking ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter to defeat Errol Spence Jr. in their unification fight this Saturday night on September 28. Porter (30-2-1, 17 KOs) is the underdog in the contest, and he’s going to bring his A-game to pull off the upset against Spence. It’s possible for Porter to shock the world, but it’s not going to be easy. Spence is incredibly talented, and some believe he’s the #1 welterweight in the division.

2012 U.S Olympian Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) and Porter will have their welterweight titles on the line for this unification fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Spence will his IBF belt on the line while Porter will be putting up his WBC strap.

Vargas (29-2-2, 11 KOs) didn’t say anything about wanting to fight Spence or Porter. He’s ranked #2 WBO and #3 WBC. With that ranking, Vargas could get a title shot soon against one of the 147-lb champions.

Porter beats Spence – Vargas predicts

“It’s a good welterweight match-up. I’m rocking with my guy Shawn Porter,” said Jessie Vargas to Fighthub in picking Porter to beat Spence on Saturday. “It’s a tough one for both fighters. He [Porter] needs to know how to switch up his style. Sometimes be aggressive, and fight him on the inside, and other times he needs to box, move around, and confuse the younger Spence. He needs to move around, and use his experience. Speed and power, know how to mix it up. I think just being versatile, that’s his key,” said Vargas.

Vargas’ advice sounds good for Porter. He’s got to mix things up for him to beat the 29-year-old southpaw Spence. If Porter gets stuck in using just one style, Spence will quickly adapt, and neutralize his game. Porter needs to be changing all night, and focus on doing the unexpected.

Vargas says Pacquiao has a couple of fights left in him

“I think Manny [Pacquiao] is still in there strong, going strong, and I think you just saw that against [Keith] Thurman,” said Vargas when asked if the Spence vs. Porter winner can beat Pacquiao. “I said Pacquiao would win that fight, and he did. Thurman was in the fight each and every round was competitive, and I give Thurman credit. Pacquiao is really phenomenal. I don’t know how he does that at 40-years-old, using that strength and speed.

Strength is usually the last thing a fighter loses, but speed is the first they lose. But this man [Pacquiao] is actually getting faster, it seems like. It’s impressive. I’m glad that I was able to share the ring with Manny Pacquiao. I gained a lot of experience from it, made me a better fighter, and he’s still going strong. He’ll match-up well with anyone in the division.

I would definitely like to see him keep fighting. I’m a boxing fan, and I’m in love with the sport whether a spectator or a fighter. More than anything, I would prefer to be inside this ring. That’s my #1 priority in giving them entertainment, but I also respect other fighters that are really talented like Manny Pacquiao. For that reason I wouldn’t want to see him retire just yet. I think he has a couple of fights left in him. I’d say two more fights, and then call it quits. He has a whole country to provide for in the Philippines. I think that’s why he continues to do it. He has a reason to continue to do it,” said Vargas.

Pacquiao would stand a better chance against Porter than he would Spence, because he does better against sluggers. Spence would have the ability to box Pacquiao from the outside, and that’s not a style that he would do well against.

Mayweather should stay retired says Vargas

“I wouldn’t see that fight, because I’d like to see him stay retired with his undefeated record, and not blemish it,” said Vargas about Floyd Mayweather Jr. “He retired on a good note with respect to him, that he respected with having made the most money in the sport. Among other things, retired undefeated. I’d like to see him stay retired. If he does come back, I’ll say, ‘hey dude, let’s make a fight between us. What’s up?’ Nah, I have respect for him. I wouldn’t want to see him come back,” said Vargas about Mayweather.

Vargas doesn’t want Floyd Mayweather Jr. to come back to face Pacquiao for some reason. He says he would prefer that Mayweather stay retired, because he doesn’t want to see him lose.