Following back-to-back losses, lightweight Bryce Logan was in need of a win when he faced Kenneth Glenn at LFA 64 this past April, or else find himself possibly forced back to the regional level.

Following three rounds of action, Logan was able to find himself coming out on the winning side of a split-decision, breaking his losing streak and getting himself back on track.

“I wasn’t necessarily in agreeance with a split-decision,” Logan told “I thought (Glenn) had maybe taken a round, but for at least one of the judges to score it for him, I was a little surprised because I thought I had done enough to get a hands-down win.

“A win is a win and I wasn’t too hung up on it. It just kind of showed me that just because you see the fight going one way it doesn’t mean the judges see it going that way as well.”

One thing that Logan has done to help avoid the troubles he ran into in 2018 is training at different facilities, specifically ones that offer training partners closer to his size.

“I’d been training with (Ryan) Bader at Power (MMA), but as far as guys my size go, it’s a lot of guys bigger than me that train with Bader,” said Logan. “These last three months or so I’ve been going up to Fight Ready, which is (Henry) Cejudo’s home gym, but they just have a better mix of guys my size.

“At Power, they just had one guy my size, and if he didn’t show up that day for training, it was kind of a wash. I don’t have enough time in this game to be wasting days, and want to be spending every day I can getting better.”

On Friday in Lake Prior, Minnesota, Logan (10-4) will look to build a winning streak when he faces Jonas Flok (12-3) in a main card 155-pound bout at LFA 77.

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“I think he wins a lot of his fights by submission, he’s on a good streak, he’s done well on the local circuit, he’s 12-3, and I’m not going to discredit anybody, but I think I match-up well with him,” Logan said of Flok. “I’m confident in the quality of opponents I’ve fought.

“His strengths are his wrestling and grappling, and I think one of my best strengths are my takedown defense and my ability to keep the fight in the realm that I want to keep it in. I think I’ll be able to dictate where the fight takes place.”

For Logan, a step up to the next level feels like the logical move. If he’s unable to make the move after a win over Flok, he’ll look to do what he can to secure such a jump if it’s not offered to him.

“I’m going to keep fighting and keep winning and hope that call-up comes,” said Logan. “If it doesn’t in 2020, I think I can position myself to maybe challenge for the LFA title and force my way to the next level if nobody gives me that call.

“It’s a proven route that winning the LFA title opens doors. I’m going to keep chipping away, and if they don’t let me in, I’m going to force my way in.”