Following a five-year layoff, middleweight KB Bhullar returned to fighting this past December and has not missed a beat since before he took time off.

Prior to his time away, Bhullar had finished three of four victories, and since his return has continued his winning ways with three straight first round wins, including two in 2018.

“I made a plan when I came back to MMA that I wanted to become one of the best fighters in the world,” Bhullar told “With those two wins and the win before that, it just speaks to the fact that my time away wasn’t in vain.

“I was still training, building my skills, and my skills never eroded. I’m still the same fighter – even better – than before I left. I knew that I had the skills to be able whatever it was that I did. It was just a chance to stand up, face these guys, and show that I belonged with them. It didn’t surprise me at all.”

In the 10 months since his return, Bhullar feels like he’s been able to make improvements that add on to all the additions he had made during his layoff.

“I definitely do (see an improvement these last 10 months), because now I see the value in being a consistent, active, fighter,” said Bhullar. “When you have this much activity, this much time, there’s a definite benefit to it.

“That benefit is that you’re always in tempo of being in fight shape and being in the fight mindset. You have these consistent back-to-back camps, so when you’re in that state you never get rusty; everything is just razor sharp and your progression is consistent.”

On Friday, Bhullar (7-0) will look to keep his winning streak going and claim a championship in the process when he faces Matt Dwyer (11-5) in the middleweight championship co-main event of Unified MMA 38 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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“Matching up with Matt is interesting because he poses the similar physical threats that I do in terms of height and length,” Bhullar said. “He has significant threat posed in the striking department. He has some pretty big knockout wins over competition; and the same with me too.

“Matt is coming up from welterweight, and I am a big middleweight, this is my natural weight class. Other things about the match-up, he has a lot more experience than me. I feel like just because he out-matches in experience doesn’t mean he out-matches me in skills, and I get to prove that on September 27.”

With an opportunity to pick up a title and further cement his comeback, Bhullar is firmly set on the task at hand and defeating Dwyer and nothing beyond that.

“My only sole focus is on September 27,” said Bhullar. “I’m not look at all past that date; that’s day has all of my mind, all of my concentration, and I’m not looking a single day past that day.”