This afternoon was more than just a game, as Elverum and Paris beat the record for most spectators attending a game, which dated back to 1999. More than 12,000 perople gathered in Lillehammer’s Hakons Hall to see Paris take the two points against locals Elverum.

  • If the visitors struggled to find their rhythm into the game, they soon find their defensive strength again, which allowed them to reach the break four goals ahead, before securing the result later in the game. 

12,377 spectators attended the game, breaking a 1999 record for spectators at a game in
  • Best scorer of the game was Paris’ Adama Keita while Lukas Sandell and Sigvaldi Gudjonsson netted four times for the hosts
  • The Player of the Match, presented by Select, was awarded to Paris’ Rodrigo Corrales
  • Paris remain top of group A with the maximum of six points while Elverum remain without points


Elverum (NOR) – HB (FRA) 22:25 (9:13)

Pushed by more than 12,000 spectators, Elverum had the better start of the game, with a high-intensity defense that took their opponents by surprise. Nedim Remili was struggling to get the ball past goalkeeper Thorsten Fries, while, on the other side of the court, Lukas Sandell scored on his first two shots. 

Elverum took a two-goal advantage early on, which they kept up until the 17th minute. That was the time Paris coach Raul Gonzalez decided to take a time-out, after which his team looked completely different. 

Controlling the pace in defense, they were able to score easily through Adama Keita who scored five goals in under fifteen minutes. the Paris’ winger was essential in latter end of the first half for the visitors, which saw them going back to the dressing room with a four goal advantage (9:13).

No matter what Michael Appelgren said to his troops during the break, it wasn’t enough to change the course of the game. But how could you, when Nikola Karabatic decides to take the fate of the game into his hands? 

The French centre-back scored three in a row in his trademark powerful style to make sure Paris were ahead by five with fifteen minutes remaining, while Rodrigo Corrales was making important saves. 

Giving everything they had left, Elverum came back within one eight minutes before the end, while Paris were struggling to close out the game. But with the game on the line Corrales saved a seven meters throw against Sigvaldi Gudjonsson, securing the two points for

TEXT: Kevin Domas / JS


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