GROUP A REVIEW : After being neck to neck during sixty minutes, Szeged and Flensburg went home with one point each

The games between Szeged and Flensburg have always been thrillers, and today’s episode was no different, as the maximum gap between the two teams was two goals.

Individual performances shone on the court today, as both Bogdan Radivojevic and Goeran Johannessen were on fire for their respective teams. In the last minute of the match, both teams had the opportunity to take the win but didn’t manage to.

  • This is the first time in history Szeged and Flensburg have drawn
  • Best scorer of the game was Bogdan Radivojevic, who scored 11 for Szeged, while Flensburg’s Goran Johannessen netted 9 times for Flensburg
  • Flensburg are temporarily second of group A and could remain so if Aalborg lost in Celje tomorrow


MOL-Pick Szeged (HUN) vs SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER) 24:24 (12:12)

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” goes the saying, and that’s obviously one Flensburg-Handewitt lives by. Previous successes in the for the German side had been powered by impressive performances from Goeran Johannessen. Today was no different, as the Norwegian centre-back impressively scored five goals before the break, helping his team take a brief two-goal advantage by the 9th minute (3:5). 

Szeged then took a time-out and settled back into the game. Against his former team, right-winger Bogdan Radivojevic was on fire, outscoring Johannessen by one to keep the locals in game. After turning the game around and leading by two goals, Szeged were forced to get back to the dressing room level with their opponents (12:12).

Both teams remained neck and neck throughout the entire second half, neither of the two teams having anything greater than a two goal advantage. 

Both Radivojevic and Johannessen remained flamboyant, while their teams were trading goals and saves. Roland Mikler was elemental in helping Szeged staying in the game, stopping two fast-breaks in the last ten minutes while Flensburg had the chance to break away on the scoreboard. 

On the other side, Simon Jeppson made an excellent impression, scoring four in the second half while some of his teammates seemed to struggle physically. The tall Swedish backcourt had the opportunity to offer Flensburg the win on a direct free-throw at the last second, but didn’t manage to, meaning both teams ended this thriller with one point.

TEXT: Kevin Domas / JS


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