George Delagrammatikas


Olympiacos, AEK and Aeropos Edessas succeeded their second victory in two games in Premier (first division in Greece) and they precede in the race of the Championship.

Olympiacos conquered away (29-25) against Doukas. The team of Piraeus faced difficulty, but having as protagonists, mainly during the second half, Tziras and Tsilis, took the desired result. The other claimant for the title, AEK, dominated (33-25), in OAKA, having as opponent, Feakas Kerkyras. The match had actually a great rhythm. Aeropos Edessas won (24-21) fairly the competitive Aris Nikaias, in Edessa. The goalkeepers of both teams had brilliant performance.

A breathtaking match took place in Argos, between Diomidis and PAOK. The game had a constant fluctuation regarding the score, while the goalkeeper of PAOK, Kriuchkov, intervened into the last minutes of the match, with amazing saves.

The results:

Aeropos Edessas-Aris Nikaias Olympic Diagnostic        24-21

Ionikos N. Filadelfias-Pylea                                               20-22

AEK-Feakas Kerkyras                                                           33-25

Diomidis Argous-PAOK                                                        24-25

Doukas-Olympiacos                                                              25-29

Drama Bianco Monte-Filippos Verias                               36-28    


  1. Olympiacos                    4 pts
  2. AEK                                   4 pts
  3. Aeropos Edessas      4 pts
  4. Doukas                          2 pts
  5. Drama Bianco Monte      2 pts
  6. Diomidis Argous      2 pts
  7. Pylea                                    2 pts
  8. PAOK                                    2 pts
  9. Feakas Kerkyras 2 pts
  10. Aris Nikaias ManDynamic 0 pts
  11. Filippos Verias 0 pts
  12. Ionikos N. Filadelfias 0 pts


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