Kvyat was upset that his request to run in a different coloured design for his home race at was declined by the FIA

Speaking about the matter, Masi explained that once Kvyat had lodged a formal request to change colours, then he had no choice but to reject it because it was his third different design of the year.

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While many observers have pointed out other drivers running a number of different designs this year, Masi has suggested that has only happened because not everyone has asked in advance.

is one driver who has used a number of different coloured helmets this year, but Masi said that he had not been informed beforehand about any change of helmet design.

Masi has suggested that the situation surrounding helmet designs is something that may need looking at again.

No driver has yet been called up over using a different design beyond his one joker, and Masi said it would not be up to him what sanction would be imposed for a rule breach.

Additional reporting by Oleg Karpov

Helmet of Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso

Helmet of Daniil Kvyat,

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