Victory for Salford Red Devils in the Super League Grand Final could sustain the club for next season, according to chief executive Ian Blease.

The club claimed they were financially “vulnerable” after former owner Dr Marwan Koukash left in 2017, but have since moved to a sounder footing.

The Red Devils will reach their first Grand Final if they beat Wigan in Friday’s second play-off semi-final.

“It would make a difference. Next year would be taken care of,” said Blease.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Rugby League Podcast, he continued: “We’ve not got carried away and put it in the budget, but we’ve had a look at the numbers and it would take care of us for a while.”

Koukash wrote off outstanding debts owed to him at the end of the 2018 season, when Salford kept their Super League status through the Qualifiers.

A year later and the club have gone from battling relegation to reaching the play-offs and are now in better financial shape.

“We had cash flow difficulties [at the beginning of the season] like a lot of clubs do – even the top clubs do. We had that at the start of the year but we managed to resolve that,” Blease added.

“To be fair, it feels a lot easier now we have a good board in place who controls a lot of the finances which allows me to concentrate more on the side.

“It was a real struggle for me the first couple of years because I was virtually doing that on my own. We’ve built a bit of a back office now.

“It’s always tough. It’s tough month on month. It used to be tough day on day and it’s got a little bit easier but in sport you just never know what’s round the corner.”


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