By Chris Williams: Errol Spence revealed on social media on Tuesday that his preference is to fight a rematch with former WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter rather than fight Danny Garcia. Spence doesn’t want to move on from the Porter fight, and have all that baggage following him.

Spence can’t be happy with all the boxing fans saying he lost last Saturday. The ones that think Spence deserved the win weren’t impressed with what they saw from him.

Spence said this on his Instagram:

“Let’s run it Back 🤨🦈 #strapseason #unifiedchamp #mandown #andstill”

Danny Garcia is supposed to be challenging Spence on January 25 on Fox Sports Pay-Per-View. Garcia went into the ring moments after the fight last Saturday night to call Spence out in person at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

The higher ups reportedly allowed Danny into the ring, because he’s the one that will be fighting Spence next, according to Fox Sports TV reporter Heidi Androl.

Spence will need to convince his management to Allow him take Porter rematch

The question is can Spence convince his management to let him fight Porter again? If they want Spence to fight Garcia, it might take a lot of arguing on Errol’s part to get the rematch with Porter.

Rematches sometimes don’t do as well as the first fight. If Spence faces Porter on Fox Sports PPV again, a lot of boxing fans won’t buy it a second time, because they already saw them fight each other.

It’s not a big deal for Danny to wait around six months while Spence takes care of business in a rematch with Porter. Garcia can always stay busy fighting a rematch with Keith Thurman. A lot of boxing fans would like to see Garcia and Thurman fight each other a second time.

Spence looked horrible against Porter

It’s completely understandable why Spence wants to give Porter (30-3-1 17 KOs) in a rematch, because this performance was the closest thing that a fighter can come to losing a fight. You have to realize how much cache Spence lost by struggling to win a close decision.

Errol came into the fight with a lot of boxing fans pegging him as either #1 or #2 in the 147-lb division. But after the way Spence fought, he’s now seen as being tied with Porter at #2 with Terence Crawford as the #1 welterweight.  If Spence moves on without fighting Porter in an immediate rematch, he won’t have any closure. Spence will be going into the Danny Garcia fight with his reputation badly tarnished.

Porter hopes Pacquiao faces him next

“I still feel fantastic. I felt fantastic the whole way,” said a fresh looking Porter at the post-fight news conference. “For us to come up a little short with a split decision, it’s not what I expected. I wanted to hand this man his first O. We’ll see what happens. We’re both going for Manny. I’m not sure if Manny is the one making that decision there, but I hope he’s going to consider me. It would still be a fantastic fight for me, and the world,” said Porter.

It’s a pipe dream on Porter’s part in him thinking that there’s a chance that Manny Pacquiao will agree to fight him. There’s no upside in Manny fighting Porter right now. The fight that Pacquiao wants is Mikey Garcia, because it’s A. winnable and B. there’s a lot of money that can be made.

Porter was a lot tougher than expected says Spence

“Not necessarily hurt, but I did feel his power,” said Spence when asked if he was hurt by Porter during the fight. “He throws punches from different angles, and he’s real awkward. I always knew that. I knew he was going to be tough, but he was a lot tougher than I expected,” said Spence.

Spence can say that again about Porter being tougher than he expected. What this writer saw was Spence getting stuck with his Plan-A, and never even trying to make adjustments to a Plan-B. After the first three rounds, it was clear that Spence needed to switch to his emergency Plan-B, and just box Porter the way he did against Mikey Garcia.

Porter would have been helpless if Spence had boxed him, but he failed to do that. Spence looked like he was mentally stuck with the original game plan that he had.

Porter was fine with walking away from Yordenis Ugas after winning controversial decision

Porter didn’t let his own conscience get the better of him when he beat Yordenis Ugas by a controversial 12 round decision last March. A lot of boxing fans saw Ugas clearly winning that fight. It didn’t bother Porter to walk away without giving him a rematch.

Even now, Porter STILL isn’t talking of wanting to give Ugas a rematch. Perhaps Spence should take Porter’s attitude, and just be happy he got ugly decision win. If the money is better for Spence to fight Danny Garcia than running it back for a Porter rematch, then so be it. Move on and take the money.