By Allan Fox: Gennady Golovkin will be unveiling his new fighting style taught to him by trainer Johnathan Banks this Saturday night on October against Sergiy Derevyanchenko. The style involves GGG throwing more punches, moving his head, and defending better than he has in the past.

Banks has taken over for Abel Sanchez as Golovkin’s new trainer, and he’s trying to fix the major flaws that he’s spotted in his game for a very long time. These are things that Banks always thought needed foxing, but he wasn’t Golovkin’s trainer so he couldn’t do anything about them until now.

Golovkin (39-1-1, 35 KOs) fights Derevyanchenko (13-1, 10 KOs) for the vacant International Boxing Federation middleweight title this Saturday on DAZN at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Golovkin vows to stop Derevyanchenko early if he makes a mistake

“I want to show you new style on Saturday,” said GGG to secondsout. “I want to stick with my style, the big drama show. If he gives me chance in the 1st round, 2nd round, it’s finished.  Don’t blink. Just try, please just try,” said Golovkin when told that Derevyanchenko is saying stuff about beating him on Saturday.

“If I beat Derevyanchenko, I have a great future. I want unification. and I want big names. And I want big fight. If you bring big name, then of course,” said Golovkin about him moving up to 168 for a big fight.

Golovkin will need to put it on the 33-year-old Derevyanchenko with combinations for him to score a stoppage in this fight. Throwing one punch at a time wont work for Golovkin in this fight. He’s got to do a lot more than what Golovkin did in his last fight against Steve Rolls last June. Derevyanchenko is a more advanced fighter than the 35-year-old Rolls.

Golovkin beat Canelo twice states Hearn

“The chance for him to become a two-time middleweight world champion,” said Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to secondsout. “All that matters is winning this fight. It’s going to be a tricky fight. I think Derevyanchenko is coming absolutely pumped up to the nines to try and win this fight.

“I just talked to some people over there, and they said, ‘a lot of people are saying he’s [GGG] deteriorating.’ I says, ‘on what basis.’ I believe he beat Canelo twice. The second fight was close granted, but he didn’t show any signs of deterioration in those fights.. This is a fight that will show how fresh and ready he is, and the pressure is on him to make a statement.

“The only way you make that fight is for the fans to demand that fight. And the only way you do that is to produce a performance at the Garden and on DAZN that has people saying, ‘We want that. So that’s the pressure. Firstly, winning. He’s got to win, but winning well would be fantastic,” said Hearn in giving key to Golovkin getting Canelo trilogy fight.

Hearn has been quick to defend Golovkin this week by telling fans that he’s NOT deteriorating, and that he deserved victories in his two fights with Canelo. What’s interesting is that Hearn says it’s Canelo Alvarez who isn’t the fighter that he once was. He sees deterioration there with Canelo.

Hearn predicts one of these three – Saunders, Andrade or Callum – faces Canelo or GGG in 2020

“Once you take a loss you realize that the belts are great, but maybe they don’t matter as much as you thought they did,” said Hearn. “What really matters is winning, and taking the right fights. We’ve got three guys that we work with, Demetrius, Callum and Billy Joe Saunders. People aren’t queuing up to fight those guys. So what do you do in that situation? You stick them in with one another.

“I actually believe that one of those guys will get either a Canelo fight or a GGG fight in the first half of next year, but if they can’t, they have to fight each other. Billy Joe against Demetrius Andrade is a really good fight. Callum Smith  against Billy Joe Saunders unification fight in the UK is a really big fight. Like Gennady against Demetrius. This is a really big fight,” said Hearn.

There’s going to be a lot of pressure for Canelo to fight Golovkin, Billy Joe Saunders, Demetrius Andrade or Callum Smith in 2020. Canelo will have to fight at least one of them unless he decides to stay at 175 after his November 2 fight with Sergey Kovalev. If Canelo stays at light heavyweight, then he’s going to be expected to fight Artur Beterbiev, Dmitry Bivol or Oleksandr Gvozdyk. You have to wish Canelo good luck if he does that, because those guys are going to be walking through his shots to punish him in a way that Golovkin never did.

The public must pressure Canelo to face GGG

“So we can’t wait around forever, because ultimately the only person that will decide whether Canelo fights GGG is Canelo,” said Hearn.. “So he’s going to do what he’s going to do. That’s why you’ve got to put the pressure on, and the public has got to put the pressure on. That only comes with great performances. All those guys are always willing to fight each other. The deal has got to be right, and the circumstance has to be right. When you look at it, Callum Smith is a 168 champion, and so is Billy Joe now.

“So Gennady has the opportunity if he wins on Saturday to become a two-weight world champion. Demtrius Andrade is a world middleweight champion. So in that respect, there’s a unification fight to be made. I think Gennady has made it very clear that he wants Canelo. So if he can’t get Canelo, he wants all those career defining fights.

“He [Canelo] doesn’t want to go through next year with defenses of his title against voluntary guys. So he’ll be ready for all those guys. All those other guys will be ready, because they’re all at the stages in their career where they start talking about legacy in the final years of their careers.” said Hearn.

Canelo might be immunize to public pressure.  The real pressure that will be put on Canelo will come from DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions. DAZN is paying Canelo $365 million for his 11-fight contract with them, and they’re not going to want to sit by and watch him fight whoever he pleases.

Canelo Alvarez isn’t the fighter that he once was

“Demetrius hasn’t had a career defining fight,” said Hearn. “Callum Smith has against George Groves, but he still has got a lot more to come. Those guys are ready. There at the point in their careers where they don’t want to let those career defining nights pass them by. It’s a smart decision. We know that Alvarez isn’t the fighter that he was.

“Even Kovalev isn’t the fighter that he was, but he’s still a dangerous fighter. You’ve got to respect Canelo, because even though he hasn’t given us the GGG fight, his 2019 has been Danny Jacobs and Kovalev.

It’s true that Canelo has slipped a little. His last performance against Daniel Jacobs wasn’t up to his usual standards. He looked slower, and less explosive against Jacobs in winning a close 12 round decision. Jacobs could have won the fight if he’d started pressuring Canelo in the first half rather than waiting until the last six rounds.

Hearn desires Canelo vs. Callum Smith in 2020

“So we hope that in 2020, he gives us GGG and Demetrius Andrade or Billy Joe,” said Hearn. “They’re all in the mix. When you talk about that 160 and 168 mix on DAZN, we’ve got everybody. At 147, PBC has got everyone. It’s really easy to make those fights. Just like it’s easy for PBC to make Porter-Spence. It should be easy for us to make Canelo against Callum Smith or Callum Smith against Demetrius.

“So that’s what we’ve got to do. Spence-Porter delivered for the fans, so now I would like to see Crawford-Spence to deliver for the world. I think Crawford is the favorite. I think Spence is struggling at 147. He’s a big guy. He’s always been tired at the weight. He put on a lot of weight, and struggled to make the weight. He’s a great fighter Errol Spence,” said Hearn.

Canelo will take one or two risky fights in 2020, but they won’t involve him fighting Callum Smith. That guy is like a heavyweight without any major flaws. It’s quite likely that Canelo will fight Demetrius Andrade and Billy Joe Saunders in 2020. The only way tat Canelo doesn’t fight both of them is if GGG takes a fight either of those guys first, and beats him.


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