HOUSTON — Before Deshaun Watson led Clemson to a national championship or the Houston Texans on game-winning drives, he was a nervous 13-year-old ball boy for the Atlanta Falcons.

One of his other tasks, after he was assigned to the wide receivers and quarterbacks, was throwing to the receivers during drills for then-Falcons receivers coach Terry Robiskie.

Julio Jones

Watson also learned how he wanted to treat people. During training camp one year, cornerback Asante Samuel was doing a special teams drill when he realized he forgot his mouthpiece in his locker. He asked Watson to go get it for him. After Watson brought it back, Samuel told him to come find him after practice.

Watson is looking forward to his homecoming. He has already traded texts with Kenny Osuwah, who is still an equipment manager for the Falcons, and is looking forward to talking to Ryan before or after the game.

reporter Vaughn McClure contributed to this story.


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