The series will continue with the following bouts.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao IV (Friday, Oct. 4)
Mexico vs. Philippines
Fight Date: Dec. 8, 2012

Miguel Cotto vs. Zab Judah (Monday, Oct. 7)
Puerto Rico vs. USA
Fight Date: June 9, 2007
Why It Mattered: A sold-out crowd of 20,658 at packed the house to watch welterweight world champion Cotto on the eve of the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. Cotto was 29-0 at the time, and he broke down Brooklyn native Judah, notching an 11th-round TKO in what was a Fight of the Year contender.

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Fernando Vargas (Wednesday, Oct. 9)
Mexico vs. Mexico
Fight Date: Sept. 14, 2002

Roberto Duran vs. Davey Moore (Friday, Oct. 11)
Panama vs. USA
Fight Date: June 16, 1983


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