Lawyers for the condo owner suing Antonio Brown for damages have asked that the free-agent star be required to come back for another deposition, claiming he was “belligerent,” “pugnacious” and “non-compliant” in last week’s attempt.

In documents filed in the 11th Circuit Court on Wednesday, the attorneys asked that Brown be fined for his “tumultuous tirades, defiant rants, use of profane language and refusal to comport himself in a civilized and grown-up manner.” They also asked that a special master be appointed to oversee the next deposition.

Brown is accused by the owner of The Mansions at Acqualina, a luxury complex in South Florida, of damaging the condominium. They are seeking more than $15,000 and say the actual property damage was much higher.

According to a police report filed in April 2018, Brown became agitated after an alleged theft of $80,000 and a gun at the condo and started throwing things off the balcony of the 14th-floor unit.

Brown has filed a countersuit, alleging the owners failed to provide adequate security at the complex, resulting in the theft.

According to the attorneys for Acqualina, Brown arrived almost 30 minutes late for the deposition on Sept. 24, at offices just outside of . He refused to answer routine questions, repeated that they should only address his counterclaim, texted on his phone during the deposition and was otherwise “obstructive.”

Lawyers for Brown have not yet responded to a request for comment.


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