By Kenneth Friedman: Errol Spence Jr. has confirmed that he’ll be fighting in January after all. That means Spence’s January 25 title defense of his IBF and WBA welterweight belts against Danny Garcia (35-2, 21 KOs) is looking like it’s back on.

The boxing public has no interest in seeing Spence fight Danny right now. They want Spence to fight Porter or Terence Crawford. Garcia is seen by a lot of boxing fans as yesterday’s news. Danny’s in the same boat as Amir Khan, who was given an undeserved world title shot against WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford recently.

With his 2-2 record in his last 4 fights, Danny obviously doesn’t deserve a world title shot with Spence.

When former two division world champion Garcia, 31, was given access to the ring to call out Spence last Saturday, it was academic that the head honcho for Premier Boxing Champions had made his choice for Errol’s next fight.

Garcia has a puncher’s chance of beating Spence, but that’s about it. If Spence brawls with Danny the way he did against Porter, he could stop him.

Spence got his fans’ hopes up for Porter rematch

Unfortunately, Spence got his fans’ hopes up for a Porter rematch by saying he wants to do it again.  Last Wednesday, Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) said he wanted to “run it back” for a rematch against Shawn Porter. The boxing public responded favorably to the news of a possible rematch between Spence and Porter.

It now looks like Spence has changed his mind about wanting the immediate rematch with ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter.

Spence vs. Danny Garcia isn’t a bad fight

Even Danny ‘Swift’ has lost 2 out of his last 4 fights, he’s still a good choice for Spence to fight. Of the top tier welterweights, Garcia is one of the most popular. He might not be as talented as Shawn Porter, Terence Crawford or Keith Thurman, but he’s up there with them as far as popularity.

Yeah, it would be nice if Danny wasn’t coming into the Spence fight with a 2-2 record in his last 4 fights, but this is boxing. It takes a long time for a fighter to build up his popularity with the fans.

Danny Garcia still popular despite his career tanking

Once that happens, the fighters can get away with losing repeatedly without the fans giving up on them. It’s just like with a movie star. Their fans don’t disappear after their movies begin to bomb repeatedly due to bad scripts, and with them aging.

People still want to see Hollywood stars long after they’ve faded. Danny Garcia is benefiting in the same way. He’s a top 5 welterweight, but he’s been exposed in losses to Porter and Thurman.

Danny is better off fighting at 140, but he’s stubbornly staying at 147, because the money is better in this weight class. Unfortunately, Garcia isn’t talented enough to beat any of the world champions at welterweight, and that’ll likely continue to be that way when he faces Spence.

The casual boxing fans will gladly tune in to watch Spence fight Garcia on Fox Sports Pay-Per-View on January 25.