The New Saints chairman Mike Harris has been punished by the Football Association of Wales for a social media post on 9 August 2019.

The comment came during a Twitter exchange with former Connah’s Quay Nomads owner Gary Dewhurst.

Harris asked: “When you going to come out of the closet on being chairman Connah’s queers?”

An FAW panel imposed a 10-game ban, suspended unless he commits a similar offence before 1 January 2021.

Welsh football’s governing body also imposed an unspecified fine, half of which is suspended unless there is a repeat, also until 1 January 2021.

BBC Sport contacted Harris and he declined to comment formally.

Harris was charged in accordance with paragraph 4.3 of the FAW’s social media regulations, which reads: “Any member and/or subordinate who posts, on any social media platform, a post which is deemed to be of a discriminatory nature, as defined by section 3.1 of the non-discrimination regulations, may be charged pursuant to the non-discrimination regulations.”

Section 3.1 of the non-discrimination regulations states: “Any member and/or subordinate who offends the dignity of a person, group of persons or any country, either directly or indirectly through contemptuous, discriminatory or denigratory words or actions concerning, but not limited to;

3.1.1. age;

3.1.2. disability;

3.1.3. gender;

3.1.4. gender reassignment;

3.1.5. skin colour;

3.1.6. race;

3.1.7. religion or belief;

3.1.8. sex;

3.1.9. sexual orientation;

3.1.10. language;

3.1.11. ethnic, natural or social origin;

3.1.12. political opinion; or

3.1.13. wealth

shall be sanctioned by the FAW.

Read the FAW’s published ruling using this link.


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