The existing hybrid V6 regulations, which were introduced in 2014 and which will be tweaked for 2021, are expected to operate until at least 2024 and be replaced in 2025 or 2026.

F1 boss says that the sport is being in danger of being left behind unless it starts planning for a formula that is more relevant to the future of road cars, and at the same time is cost-effective for the manufacturers.

Abiteboul believes that in the build-up to a new formula the current engines should be frozen, to cap spending on their development.

“Maybe also consider new sources of energy, like the fuel cell, or things like that, which will probably be the future of F1.

boss said that F1 should make more of the efficiency of the current power units, but also acknowledged that there will be changes for the long term.

“For us at Daimler sustainability has become more important than just a marketing tool. Sustainability happens.


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