While full technical regulations for 2021 will not be published until the end of October, teams have got a rough idea of what the new designs will entail.

However, preparing for that rule change is difficult because nothing is finalised, and at the same time teams are completing the 2019 season and are in the middle of developing their 2020 cars.

This allows focus in the factory to turn to the following season, but a private release of draft regulations for 2021 means teams must work out how to divide up resources further.

Ferrari is not happy with the planned technical restrictions that have been tabled to reduce costs and its focus has been lobbying for greater freedom.

“We have a very good show right now and we are always a little bit cautious about having such a big change of the magnitude that James describes coming,” said Mekies.

“There could be a lot of unintended consequences and it’s something that we are still obviously discussing with the stakeholders to make sure we don’t end up with something that is not as good as what we have now.”


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