GROUP A REVIEW: Despite Noemi Hafra’s stunning performance, Kristiansand had no trouble bagging the two points against FTC.

Between two serious contenders for the DELO Women’s you could expect a tied fight. That’s what you got for fifteen minutes before Kristiansand team play helped them seal the victory.

• This is the biggest victory for Kristiansand against FTC, previous record dated back from last season when they won by eight.

• Best scorers of the game both netted nine times : Vipers’s Heidi Loke and FTC’s Noemi Hafra.

• Vipers are top of the group with two points before tomorrow’s game between Metz and Podravka.


Vipers Kristiansand (NOR) vs FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN) : 31:22 (16:11)

Noemi Hafra might be one of the best young players on the planet, she can’t do everything on her own. Tonight, she scored six in the first including three in the first seven minutes of the game, but that was not enough to keep FTC in the game.

The Hungarian side was still ahead by one after fifteen minutes in the wake of an impressive performance by its left back. A ely taken time-out by Kristiansand turned things around though.

The hosts scored eight times while only letting Hafra score twice to get back to the dressing room with a five goal advantage (16:11).

After the break, things didn’t improve for the visitors, whose defense was unable to stop the Norwegian sides offensive danger.

In contrast to their opponents, Kristiansand were able to score for multiple positions as Heidi Loke, Malin Aune and Emilie Arntzen all scored five times or more.

Thanks to this efficiency, Kristiansand slowly but surely widened the gap on the score board.

By the time the final whistle came, the advantage was nine goals to Kristiansand, the biggest of the game meaning the Vipers had secured their first two points of the season.

TEXT: Kevin Domas / JS