• The two teams met for the third time in the , and CSM have now won all three matches
  • netted five times for the winning side CSM

MOTW: Team Esbjerg (DEN) vs CSM Bucuresti (ROU) 22:24 (8:13)

It was the goalkeeper Denisa Dedu who really stood out, as her multiple saves helped the Romanian side to take an early lead. Esbjerg were unable to score between the 10th and 18th minute, which allowed CSM to move the score from 4:3 to 7:3.

Following a timeout called by Jesper Jensen, Esbjerg scored three goals in a row – two by Estavana Polman and one by Marit Jacobsen. Yet, then, Vasile also took a timeout and made some tactical changes, and CSM were quickly back on track.

Esbjerg, who enjoyed a perfect start in the Danish league, desperately looked for a comeback on home court. In the second half, they were more clinical in attack and improved their defence, causing a lot of problems for CSM.

TEXT: Sergey Nikoleav / jw


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