Györ started the game with an amazing run, it was 5:0 when Rasmus Overby, coach of the Swedish team, decided to talk to his team. This surely was a game changer.

Sävehof got closer and closer, only Eva Kiss could defend Györ’s lead at some critical minutes. Her performance before half time resulted in an efficiency of 42%.

The newcomers of the Hungarian team could not help their team as they all missed their first shots, but Kari Brattset went on to lift Györ up, she had a 5/5 attack in just 18 minutes.

Sävehof went back to the dressing room having to figure out the ’antidote’ against Györ. It did not really work out though, the hosts scored six times while only conceding two goals to the Swedish side. Györ already had a 10 goal advantage around the 40th minute of the match.

The game continued in the same fashion for the next 20 minutes. Even though the young talents of Sävehof scored three times, they could only close the gap to seven or eight goals. These were moments where Edwige, once, and Leynaud, twice passed the ball right into the hands of the Swedish players.

RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs DHK Banik Most (CZE) 29:31 (14:13)

The match was just like a chess match, one goal from Mercator, one goal from Banik Most. The perfect sequence developed in front of us with many great shots, turnovers, fast break goals and superb performances from both goalkeepers.

In the first fifteen minutes of the game hosts looked to be more dominant, but with each minute that passed by, slowly but surely Banik Most took the one-goal lead and did not let go. Even though the Czech defence had problems with stopping the long shots of the Slovenian side, Dominika Müllnerovna, their goalkeeper and the very efficiently executed turnovers meant Most was able to preserve their lead heading into halftime (14:13)

The second half mostly reflected the same pattern as the first thirty minutes, but after fifteen minutes Banik Most was able to build up a three-goal advantage, mostly because of their goalkeeper. Müllnerovna finished off the game with 46% of the shots being saved that headed to her goal.

After team time out on Mercator’s side things got a little bit better for the Slovenian team, but they still could not close the gap to Most. There were many ups and downs in their plays thanks to the fast breaks and technical fouls from both teams. 

They were finally able to equalize, 28:28 and 29:29, but Jiří Tancoš talked with his girls, so in the end Banik Most won the game by two well deserved goals.

Now they are waiting for Györ from the second place of Group D.

TEXT: Béla Müller / JS


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