GROUP A REVIEW: Thanks to their left-handed duo made of Louise Burgaard and Helene Sajka, Metz easily took the points against HC Podravka Vegeta

Strong left-handed duo guide Metz to an easy win

Podravka knew they would have a hard time on a court that has not been taken over for two years now, and the Croatian side lacked consistency on both sides of the court to compete.

  •      With 40 goals scored, Metz fell just two goals short of their best attacking performance in the
  •      Left handers scored a combined 20 goals for Metzexactly half of their team’s tally

Metz (FRA) vs HC Podravka Vegeta (CRO) 40:26 (24:13)

Whoever thought that Metz would suffer through the absence of four major players may have to think again now. Despite Xenia Smits, , and Orlane Kanor being out through injury, the French side took the reins of the game early on and never lost control.

The right-handers were the first to fire away, scoring a combined 11 goals in the first half to put the hosts on the right track.

A team with as much experience as Metz does not a lead slip when they are ahead by so many. And the French side carried on accelerating in the second half, with Grace Zaadi and Marion Maubon taking every shot to score. Left wing Maubon gave Metz their biggest advantage of the game, 15 goals, in the 44th minute.

TEXT: Kevin Domas / jw


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