With the fight for wins between the pair having caused some tensions over the last three grands prix, there have been concerns that the rivalry risks boiling over into trouble on track.

Last week, F1 managing director of motorsport reckoned that boss faced a “potentially explosive” situation between his two drivers.

But in an exclusive interview with Motorsport.com during the weekend, Leclerc has said that while the fight between him and Vettel is intense, they both know that their battle cannot boil over.

Leclerc says he is fully aware when driving that he has a responsibility for every staff member who has helped create his car, so cannot justify doing anything that betrays them.

Reflecting on the events of , where Leclerc spoke out over the team radio about the situation being unfair, he said his actions were fuelled not by politics but by his passion for winning.

“I was wrong and I’m not afraid to admit it,” he said. “In we were first and second, but with adrenaline I exaggerated a bit. 

“In the morning when I get up, I think about winning. When I go to bed at night I think to win. And when I am in the car, I can only think about winning. With the adrenaline in Singapore I spoke when it was not necessary to do so. “

Leclerc believes that the major breakthrough that made with its car after the summer break owed much to him and Vettel working together and being transparent with the sharing of car data.


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