Captain Victor Tomas has played the most matches, the match against Elverum will be his 206th, and has scored 683 goals. Far from thinking that the end is near, he just wants to keep adding to the records. And they won five titles in a row.

Victor Tomas: Really, they were a super team. They started to play different , with another rhythm. They were the first to have a lot of success with the 5:1 defence and they achieved a lot. 

Victor Tomas: We could have earned some other titles, but we must be mindful that our opponents also play. We must continue fighting to be in again and to win again.

Victor Tomas: That team marked an era. Now it is unthinkable to win the competition five times in a row. There are players who will be inspired by us and what we do, but it would be impossible to do something like the dream team. At that moment, the level was very high, but now there is a wide range of teams who can be champions. How has changed since the 1990s? 

Victor Tomas: Tactics are richer than in the nineties. Physically, handball is more demanding. Currently, to play at this level you must be very good physically and be at a good level on both ends of the court. As captain, you lifted the VELUX trophy once in 2015. How do you remember that moment? You won one as a captain, but three overall (2005, 2011 and 2015). One win at Palau Blaugrana and two in . Did you prefer to win at home or in

Victor Tomas: At Palau or Cologne, they are both special. The EHF FINAL4 format is very nice, it is positive for handball as a product, but the opportunity to win at home in front of your supporters and your family is very special. And when will the next title arrive? 

Victor Tomas: Hopefully this will be the year, but I never promise titles. I can promise effort, work and sacrifice. I can understand people’s disappointment last year, but I only can assure them that the team left everything on the court, even when we played badly. This year we have extra pressure to win. You made your debut at this level in the 2003/04 season. Now, 16 years later, the match against Elverum will be your 206th.   

Victor Tomas: Wow. It is good to know this data because days and years are happening and you are not conscious about how many games you played. I hope to play many more. You are also the top scorer with 683 goals. 

Victor Tomas: It could be more, you can always do better. I am happy to achieve these numbers in a club like Barça and to keep playing at the level I am at. You have received 51 two-minute suspensions but have never seen a red card.

Victor Tomas: Yes, it is true. I do not remember being sent off in the . This can prove one of two things: either I am a fair player or referees have more “respect” for all the seasons I have been here. You have established all of Barça’s records. 

Victor Tomas: I have goose bumps. I love coming to training every day, to see the team we have. I am enjoying it more than ever. I am proud and happy about all I have done, but I always think about the future. Your contract expires at the end of the season but you will extend it, until when? Have you thought about your farewell? 

Victor Tomas: One thing is what I want and what will happen could be another thing. I understand where I am and probably one day the interests of the club and myself will be different.

I would like to play this season and three seasons more, until June 2023, but I do not know. I feel very good physically, in full conditions, also psychologically. People think I am older than I actually am. I am 34 and some players play until 38 or 39. So, more work ahead for your dad, who takes care of your statistics, right?  

Victor Tomas: Yes, but I did not ask him to, he has been doing it voluntarily. Since my debut with the first team, my father collects everything such as goals and titles. I am lucky to have my parents, I am very grateful for everything they do and did, the many kilometres travelled to allow me to play handball.

TEXT: Laia Coll / cor


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